All About Ball has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of The Bellport Area to host numerous AAU tournaments for the top youth and adult ballers from all around the Island to showcase their talent and provide exciting entertainment for the fans. Please keep updated as will be the exclusive site covering the upcoming basketball tournaments.


Rules and Regulations  for AAB Summer Classic 17


Fully officiated games

Game 11 all ones

Championship game 16 ones and twos

3 one minute timeouts per game

15 minute clock per game: if game has not ended by then team with the highest score wins

5 team foul bonus: 1 free throw for each additional foul

Winners Ball

Single game elimination

Every shot take backs to foul line

Championship game every shot take backs to 3 point line

You may add 1 additional player that is not already registeredonly due to injury: however the injured player may not return to action once replaced

Entry Fee Non Refundable

Prize money subject to change: based on teams registered